5 Unusual ER Visits

Emergency room
Some trips to the emergency room are funnier than others. Keep reading to find out what tops our list of unusual ER visits.
Jim Cummins/Taxi/Getty Images

There's an entire category of jokes that begin with a variation on the phrase "A man walks into a bar ..." These gags are often based on disparate characters in unusual situations thrown together in a common place: a bar.

But if comedy imitated life, a better setting for such jokes might be a hospital emergency room. It's a place where any person from any walk of life could wind up under the most bizarre of circumstances. Just ask a health care professional for an unusual ER story, and he or she will probably offer you fodder fit for a comedy routine.

Of course, any injury or condition that requires immediate care is no laughing matter, as patients who have experienced medical emergencies can attest. But after the fact, many of us (the former patients included) can't help but find entertainment value in some of the unusual situations ER staff and visitors find themselves in.

On the following pages we'll explore some of the more unusual ER visits in recent years.