10 Reasons You Might Not Know You're Pregnant (Until You're in Labor)

She didn't know she was pregnant? It's more common than you would think. Keep reading for 10 reasons it could happen to you. See more pregnancy pictures.
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The nine-month journey of pregnancy can not only be physically and emotionally taxing, it can be an exciting and rewarding experience for future moms. Whether pregnancy is planned or a surprise, most women quickly realize they're carrying a developing child.

But what if a pregnancy is both unplanned and unknown to the woman who's pregnant?

Denied pregnancies, or pregnancies in which the women consciously or subconsciously deny or don't know they're pregnant, are more common than previously thought. One researcher estimates that 1 in every 475 births 20 weeks or more along is the result of a denied pregnancy [source: Wessel].

Although each woman undergoes different physical, mental and hormonal changes during pregnancy, it's important to visit and report to a doctor on a regular basis. If you think you're pregnant or you're considering becoming pregnant, you should discuss prenatal care with a medical professional.

Because pregnancy causes so many changes in most women, it may be difficult to fathom a woman not knowing she's pregnant until she goes into labor.

So what can prevent a woman from knowing she's pregnant?

We'll tackle pregnancy test errors on the next page.