5 Unusual ER Visits

Rocky Shows up, Minus Bullwinkle

As a first-world country, America prides itself on the general lack of vermin in its hospitals. So when a rodent shows up in an emergency room, it can come as quite a surprise. Even more shocking are flying rodents.

Such unexpected visitors made an appearance in a New Jersey emergency room in late 2011 [source: Pfeiffer]. During the course of several weeks, two different flying squirrels entered the hospital, soared across the ER and temporarily evaded the firefighters (who weren't named Boris and Natasha) sent to capture them. Thankfully, the rodents were caught and then released safely in the woods near the hospital. However, the local fire department -- and probably a few unsettled ER staff members -- are still bracing for the return of the gliding invaders.

Unfortunately, rodents aren't the most stomach-turning things that can appear in an ER. Click on the next page to see what we mean.

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