5 Unusual ER Visits

An Impromptu Wedding

When a Michigan woman was rushed to the ER with a perforated appendix on the morning of her wedding, she and her fiancé worried their special day would be ruined. But not if the hospital staff had anything to do with it [source: Isom].

When the ER workers learned that their patient was missing out on exchanging vows with her intended, they set out to make sure the ceremony happened anyway -- although probably in a much different way than the bride's wedding planner had originally laid out. The staff decorated the bride's ER recovery room, bought her flowers from the hospital gift shop, made her a gauze veil, brought in a hospital chaplain and played the wedding march from an MP3 downloaded on a cell phone.

While many unusual ER visits involve horrific events, this is one that had a storybook ending.

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