Vasodilator Drugs

Side Effects of Vasodilator Drugs

If you're taking vasodilator drugs, you shouldn't drink grapefruit juice.
If you're taking vasodilator drugs, you shouldn't drink grapefruit juice.
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Some of the side effects of vasodilator drugs are just temporary. The following side effects usually pass after the person's body gets used to the medicine.

Other side effects call for medical attention. If any of the following side effects occurs, a patient should check with his or her doctor.

In general, older people tend to be more sensitive to the side effects (especially dizziness and lightheadedness) of vasodilators.

Patients who are taking vasodilators shouldn't take any other medicines (either prescription or over-the-counter) or dietary supplements (including herbal remedies) without first talking with their doctor. The following substances may intensify the effects of vasodilators and lead to severe low blood pressure:

Substances that can counteract the effects of some vasodilators and increase blood pressure include:

In addition, some over-the-counter medications for cough, colds, flu, sinus problems, hay fever, and asthma, as well as those for bloodshot (red) eyes or appetite control, may adversely react with vasodilators.

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