5 Celebrities Who Had Heart Bypass Surgery

Doctors perform heart bypass surgery.
Doctors perform heart bypass surgery.

We often expect celebrities to be in better health than us "regular people." After all, their wealth means that they have unlimited access to the best physicians, physical trainers, nutritionists and personal chefs that money can buy. While this might be true, celebrities aren't invincible. They get the same diseases that we do. For example, there are plenty of celebrities who get diabetes, have high blood pressure and otherwise find themselves at risk for diseases such as coronary heart disease.

Coronary heart disease occurs when vessels in the heart do not provide an adequate blood supply to the muscle. It is most often due to atherosclerosis, a build-up of plaque in the arteries. When blood flow to the heart is compromised, it can result in chest pain or even a heart attack. If lifestyle changes or medications don't work, surgery may be the only way to treat the problem. In one possible surgical treatment, known as a heart bypass, a surgeon uses a healthy piece of artery or vein from elsewhere in the body to make a detour around the blocked area, restoring full blood flow to the heart. Doctors have bypassed as many as five of these clogged places during one surgery, known as a quintuple heart bypass.

Many celebrities over the years have undergone heart bypass surgery. Let's start with one who has undergone heart surgery not once, but twice.