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Surgeries can be stressful experiences, but learning about the procedure beforehand can ease your mind. Research various surgeries and use our Surgery Dictionary for easy-to-understand explanations of surgical procedures, so you can be prepared.


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You Need It Like a Hole in the Head: The Ancient Medical Art of Trepanation

Drilling a hole in somebody's skull was all the rage 4,000 to 12,000 years ago. In fact, 5 to 10 percent of skulls from this period have a hole in them, made while the person was still alive. The question is, why?

Would You Undergo Surgery Just to Be Taller?

Surgery to increase your height for cosmetic reasons is becoming more popular. But what's involved and should people do it?

Dr. Rene Favaloro's Coronary Bypass Surgery Is Still Saving Lives

Doctors in the U.S. still perform about 500,000 surgeries each year with his life-saving technique.

Laparoscopy: Less Blood, Less Pain, Faster Recovery

Laparoscopic surgery has become the preferred method of minimally invasive surgery. It involves making tiny incisions in the body, and doctors remove some organs via the belly button.

What Happens to Blood Once You Donate It?

Donating blood is critical to ensure ample blood supply across the U.S. But what steps does it take once you give?

The Post-surgical Poop: Why It's so Critical

Making sure the bowels are moving is key to monitoring health after surgery.

What Happens If Your Adult Teeth Just Don't Come In?

What happens when permanent teeth don't come in behind our baby teeth? Turns out there are treatments, but they'll cost you (both time and money).

Surgical Adhesive Inspired by Slug Mucus Can Patch Bleeding Tissue

The strong and sticky goo of the Dusky Arion slug provided scientists with unlikely inspiration for a glue that sticks well to wet surfaces.

Donor Kidneys Often Rejected 7 Times By U.S. Transplant Centers

Despite the very long waiting lists for donor kidneys in the U.S., a study found that transplant centers often reject these organs for nebulous reasons.

Mobile Device Distraction as Effective in Kids as Sedative

This new study could present alternative to drugs with negative side effects. And parents of pre-surgery children experience less anxiety, too.

10 Emergency Medical Procedures That Can Be Done on the Fly

You won't believe some of the emergency medical procedures people have performed under duress. They range from sucking out venom to performing a Caesarean birth. Could you do the same?

The First Successful Penis Transplant in the U.S. Just Happened

The groundbreaking surgery opens up exciting options for other cancer patients, injured war veterans and people who have otherwise experienced severe pelvic injuries.

How Tooth-in-eye Surgery Works

It may sound crazy initially — using a tooth to repair eyesight — but it's a very real surgery with a pretty impressive track record.

Organ Donation Myths and Facts

Don't let myths and rumors keep you from saving lives. Learn the facts about organ donation and learn how you can help.

Dr. Oz on Heart Transplants

Want to learn more about heart transplants? Get Dr. Oz's answers to common questions about heart transplants here.

Stages of Gender Reassignment

Transitioning from one gender to another is hardly an overnight process, with many steps from point A to B. What are the stages of gender reassignment?

What is transgender voice surgery?

Of those who go under the knife to switch genders, many will opt for a procedure to alter their voice to match their new sex. What is transgender voice surgery?

10 Post-trauma Reconstructive Surgeries

When most of us hear the words "plastic surgery," we think of cosmetic procedures like tummy tucks or nose jobs. But some surgeries improve how the body functions, not just how it looks. What post-trauma reconstructive surgeries do people need most?

Upper GI Endoscopy

Learn about upper GI endoscopy in this article.

5 Celebrities Who Had Heart Bypass Surgery

We often expect celebrities to be in better health than us "regular people." After all, their wealth means that they have unlimited access to the best care that money can buy. While this might be true, celebrities aren't invincible. Many celebrities over the years have undergone heart bypass surgery.

Is colon cleansing a good idea?

If toxic sludge was building up in your intestines, you'd want to get it out, pronto. Could a colonic irrigation restore you to a state of perfect health, or is it all just bunk?

Knee Replacement Overview

It's the biggest joint in the body and it's fun to bounce soccer balls off of -- it's the knee. But when arthritis or wear and tear destroys it, you might need a replacement.

What's the difference between angioplasty and coronary bypass surgery?

One of these surgeries is significantly more expensive and will have you bedridden. The other is cheaper and you'll be on your feet in no time. Which is which?

What's so minimal about "minimally invasive" coronary bypass surgery?

In one surgery, the doc pries open your chest. In the other, he cuts a little slit in your side and inserts a robotic arm. Which one seems less invasive to you?

20 Most Common Plastic Surgeries

Plastic surgeries are becoming more and more common throughout the country. In 2005, more than 1.8 million cosmetic surgeries and 8.4 million invasive cosmetic procedures were performed.