Lasik Surgery


After the surgery, I was taken back to the preparation room. The most incredible thing to me was that I could already see! My vision was a little blurry, but I could already tell that it was much improved from what it had been without glasses. Erika gave me a set of eye shields.

These are two silvery plastic ovals attached to an elastic band. Each oval has dozens of tiny holes in it. This allows you to see just enough to get around, but prevents you from touching your eyes at all. I was instructed to wear those for the remainder of that day and to sleep in them that night. I was also given three items to put into my eyes:

  • Rewetting drops like the ones used by people who wear contacts to keep the eyes from drying out
  • Antibiotic drops that reduce the chance of infection
Antibiotic drops help the eyes fight off any potential infection.
  • Moisturizing gel that is placed on the inside of your bottom eyelid just before you go to bed. It provides moisture through the night like the rewetting drops do during the day.