9 Hangover Cures From Around the World

Meat Feast, South Africa
A variety of meats cook on a braai in South Africa. The word 'braai' refers both to a style of cooking, as well as the grill the food is cooked on — just like 'barbecue'. Heinrich van den Berg/Getty Images

It seems a bit counterintuitive — when your head is pounding and your stomach is queasy, you should nosh on a platter of heavy, greasy meat? Yet that's what South Africans feel is just the ticket to chasing away hangover symptoms. Ideally, the meat will be chargrilled over a braai (an Afrikaans word for barbecue that is pronounced "bry") [source: The Guardian].

The kind of meat you eat isn't necessarily important — it's the protein inside that helps you recover from a hangover — and it can be paired with many other ingredients. For example, the most popular hangover-combatting meal at The Golden Dish, a popular Cape Town eatery, is the Masala Steak Full House Gatsby. The foot-long sandwich is comprised of steak, egg, chips and cheese and is known for its oil, grease and salt [source: Cape Town Magazine].

No worries if you're a vegetarian. The other main hangover cure favored by South Africans is an ostrich-egg omelet, due to its similar protein-packing properties. But if you go the omelet route, remember one thing: An ostrich egg is equivalent in size to 24 chicken eggs. So be prepared to ask for a doggie bag, or bring your equally hungover friend along [sources: Travel Channel, Clark].