5 Tricks for Remembering Your Dreams

The Window Treatment

The meaning of our dreams lies primarily within the fine details, and yet, most of us pass over these in our waking-lives, and even less in our dreams. To focus and recall details in these nighttime reveries requires a refined skill, or just a window with a view.

Take a five minute break from your routine and peer out a window to focus on a scene below you. Let's say the window overlooks a park. Take in the various colors you see in the sky and in the different trees, grasses, flowers, etc. Identify as many species of plant life as you can. Are the walkways similar to well-worn garden paths, or are they paved or gravel-lined? Study any benches, monuments or other decorative features. Notice any wildlife present or passing through like ducks, birds, butterflies or squirrels. Do you see a lake, pond or a brook? If there are adults in the park, are they walking, jogging or pushing baby strollers? Watch how the children are playing--on swings or slides, or perhaps with toys such as balls or kites. Make note of any vehicles or buildings.

After you've taken in the scene below you, take out a notebook and write down everything you've noticed. This process of experience and direct reflection is an easy and effective way to remember detail in ordinary life and your dreams.