5 Tricks for Remembering Your Dreams

The Power of Suggestion

Another effective approach is to frequently suggest to yourself that you will remember your dreams. Select a short, positive phrase such as, "I remember my dreams easily." Rather than implying success at some point in the future, you will achieve better results if the statement is in the present tense.

You may want to choose a "suggestion trigger" to remind you to repeat your phrase throughout your day. For instance, every time you look at your watch or at a clock, repeat the phrase (either aloud or in your mind) as though it is an established fact. While doing so, visualize yourself writing out or sketching the details of your dreams.

You could also post reminder notes wherever you will notice them often, such as on your bathroom mirror, in your car or on your computer at work. It doesn't matter if you write your phrase on the notes or leave them blank, as long as they remind you of your intent.