Intuitive Dream Interpretation

A Sample Intuitive Dream Analysis

Let me walk you through the intuitive dream interpretation steps. Two weeks after joining Weight Watchers, Donna had the following dream and analyzed it using the intuitive dream interpretation modeled above. Here is each step of her analysis.

Title: Time of Renewal

Imagery: I was at a bazaar in South Haven and went to lunch with Vicki, Dorothy and a man. I couldn't find a place to park because the street was under construction. We went into the restaurant, where they were also doing renovation. We finally found a place to eat in a smaller dining room. The meal was cluttered. There were lots of things to buy. A planter in the shape of a hen with a hat (white with a green plant) was on the table. I was thinking of buying it when my mother bought it for me. She was thinking of giving it as a gift to Dorothy, but wanted me to have it instead.

Theme: Renovation related to eating and mothering, or nurturing.

Emotional Content: Very upbeat, expectant, peaceful.

Amplification: The word "renovation" jumps out at Donna. She amplifies to this symbol to find a key to the dream.

Implementation: Donna feels like she is under re-construction, seriously involved in a make over with her participation in Weight Watchers. The reference to a smaller dining room is what she is doing by focusing on smaller dining habits. The green in the plant reinforces the healing and growth theme and tells her that she is on the way to a healthier lifestyle. Finally, her mother rewards her efforts by giving her a gift, nurturing her just like a mother hen.