Top 10 Radical Parenting Methods


Hypnosis Parenting

Why won't my kid listen? It's every parent's lament. Well, imagine if you could hypnotize your child to pick up her toys or learn to dress herself. Hypnotherapists say you can.

Hypnosis Motivation Institute instructor Lisa Machenberg teaches parents how to do it. Some of her parenting hypnosis tips include the following:

  • Stop, touch your child, and make eye contact when speaking.
  • Use statements instead of questions. Rather than, "Can you put on your socks now?" say, "You will put on your socks now."
  • Nod encouragingly while giving directions and your child will likely mirror your positive energy and comply.

Machenberg also teaches parents self-calming techniques to keep them from losing their cool.

Of course, hypnosis is often dismissed as a sort of snake oil. But while there is no rigorous research yet to suggest it works with parenting, some well-respected studies indicate it helps people manage pain and quit smoking.

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