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Spanking Has Declined Sharply in the U.S. in Last 25 Years, Study Finds

Parents in the U.S. are spanking their kids much less often than they did in the past. A study looked at the decline between 1993 and 2017.

American Academy of Pediatrics Says Spanking Is Ineffective

Last time the American Academy of Pediatrics weighed in on corporal punishment, it was to say we shouldn't spank children in schools. Now it says we shouldn't spank children at home, either.

You Can't Name Your Baby That!

Having a baby? You can name your little bundle of joy anything you want to, right? Well, not so fast — there are some rules.

'Latchkey Kids': What's Different About Leaving Children Home Alone Now Versus Then

Many latchkey kids remember their time fondly, even though they wouldn't leave their own kids alone.

Grandparents' Child Care Habits Can Be Outdated, Potentially Harmful

Sometimes, their old-school methods are benign. But other times, they're seriously risky, according to a new study.

Adults Who Choose Not to Have Kids Inspire Moral Outrage, Study Finds

Couples who feel judged for passing on parenthood might be right, study finds.

Kids Getting Sick From Hand Sanitizers

Kids are getting sick from ingesting hand sanitizer. Some are drinking it intentionally. The CDC explains why and what parents can do to prevent accidental exposure.

Why Don't More Babies Get Mom's Last Name?

Parents are pretty creative when it comes to first names for their kids, but when it comes to last names, many parents still play it by the book.

Is There Science to Back Up the Stereotypes About Only Children?

Does an only child exhibit different behavior and personality than one with siblings? Or is this spoiled reputation nothing more than a persistent cultural myth?

Toddlers May Be Able to Determine Whether Adults Are Lying

Behavioral psychologists have always thought children could start spotting intentional falsehoods around the age of 4. Turns out it's probably much younger.

Women Who Have Kids Later May Live Longer, Study Finds

The childbearing age for U.S. women has been steadily creeping up for years. A huge, new study looks at how the delay in having kids is linked to how long a woman lives.

Who Does a Mom Love More: Her Kid or Her Dog?

One study attempted to find out, with a little help from some brain scans.

Going to Let Your Toddler Watch TV? Better Watch With Them

The American Academy of Pediatrics has eased screen time limits for kids of all ages. But that doesn't mean parents can leave kids staring at a screen all by themselves.

Parents May Not Need to Obsess Over Burping Their Babies

Babies may do just fine without all that burping assistance, according to an intriguing little study.

'An Emerging Public Health Concern': Your Local Trampoline Park

A new study looked at the types of injuries sustained from trampoline park accidents, highlighting the need for better safety standards in these theme parks.

The Positives of Princess Culture

Researchers unveil findings that parents of princess-wannabes could find royally alarming. But they shouldn't.

Childhood Moves Linked With Negative Life Outcomes, Study Finds

Moving can turn a kid's world inside out. A massive, new Danish study has produced some sobering data on how moves affect kids.

Parents: Ditch the Spanking and Try Non-punitive Discipline Instead

That's according to two authors who combed through five decades of research on 160,000 kids and found that spanking leads to negative outcomes all around.

How Empathy Benefits Children, But Could Be Bad for Parental Health

Parents who have more empathy for their children’s struggles have happier, healthier kids. But that empathy that helps their kids might not be serving parents so well.

Calming 'Difficult' Kids: Are Mobile Devices Becoming the New Time Out?

Children who throw tantrums are more likely to get a tablet or smartphone as a calming device, but does that only delay trouble? New research examines the topic.

Big Families vs. Small Families: A Matter of Quantity vs. Quality?

A trio of economists reports that kids in larger families may have more to worry about than simply sharing a room or dealing with hand-me-downs.

Brush Teeth, Kiss Goodnight, Open App: The New Bedtime Routine for Kids

Using electronics just before bedtime can be positive — and negative.

How to Report Life Changes for the Affordable Care Act

If you're insured via the Affordable Care Act and get tax credits, you're required to report significant life events that can affect both your insurance plan and your taxes. Here's how to do it.

What is minimum essential coverage under the Affordable Care Act?

Minimum essential coverage refers to where you get the coverage from, rather than what's in your package. Why is that – and why are some health plans excluded?

Parenting Advice: Your 5 Worst Nightmares and Their Cures

Get parenting advice to help keep your kid safe from common issues. Our parenting advice will protect your kid from lice, concussions and more!