What are some fun things to do with kids who have cancer?

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, his or her entire family must adjust to this new reality. While a child with cancer won’t be able to perform certain activities, there are still a number of ways that parents can make life a bit more fun for their sick child.

For example, if your child is having a particularly bad day and doesn’t even feel well enough to get out of bed, a low-intensity activity such as making a T-shirt is one way to brighten your little one’s day. All that’s needed for this activity is a cheap T-shirt and either puffy paint or iron-on transfers. Even something as simple as a fabric marker can be used to design a T-shirt.


Many parents assume that a child with cancer can’t participate in any physical activities. However, if you have a child with cancer, you should consider enrolling him or her in a yoga class. For one thing, this activity isn’t too physically taxing. Second, the benefits of yoga include increased flexibility and strength. Furthermore, the breathing and relaxation techniques that your child would learn will help him or her deal with the stress of having to deal with various medical procedures. Another activity that can help your kid vent some of the frustrations of living with cancer is writing. In this digital age we live in, your child could even create a blog, which would help him or her connect with other kids who are going through the same difficult experiences. Acting is another creative outlet that will allow your youngster to work out some difficult issues that are related to his or her medical condition.