How to Propose to Your Girlfriend

Creative Marriage Proposal Ideas

A one-of-a-kind proposal shows your girlfriend that you're willing to go the extra mile to win her heart, and the best part is, you can easily tailor the experience to create a private moment or make a big splash. Before you start coming up with creative ideas, however, think carefully about the kind of proposal she might have in mind. A shy woman may not want to see her name written in the sky, for instance, while a more outgoing girl may be thrilled by a very public proposal. Rather than going for the craziest and most unique proposal you can think of, let your creative side shine by proposing in a way that touches her heart and fits her style.

When you know your girlfriend won't mind being the center of attention, try hijacking the microphone at the next party you attend together. Get the DJ's approval first, of course, and then make your announcement in front of all your friends and fellow guests. This option also works at major sporting events, where you can even rent ads on the big screen to pop the question with a bang.

For an even bigger surprise, consider renting a billboard along her regular route to work. She'll be surprised and touched that you went to so much trouble. You can also take a slightly less public (and more affordable) approach with an ad in her favorite newspaper or magazine.

To add a creative twist to the traditional proposal, send her on a scavenger hunt around town, or just around the house. Leave sweet notes at each stop telling her all the things you love about her, with clues directing her to where the next note is hidden. The final note should lead her to you, waiting on bended knee.

Guys with serious tech skills can take the engagement process to the next level by building a custom Web site for the one they love. Create pages detailing all the things you love about her, and post the big question on the home page. Slip her a card or note showing the Web address, but let her figure out for herself what it's all about. Not only will she be wowed by your creativity, she'll be able to forward the page to all her friends to share the big news.

Read on to learn about traditional marriage proposal ideas for a more classic approach to engagement.