5 Tips for Looking Your Best on a Date

Take Time for Hair Care

Unless you go with the Marine boot-camp buzz, you have to do something with that hair. Like skin, date-worthy hair starts with a good washing. Here, again, shampoo should match your hair type: normal, dry or oily. Let your hair dry a bit before applying any styling gel or cream, and then use as little as needed.

If you can't achieve the look you want through everyday care, try getting a first-rate haircut from an experienced stylist, someone who understands how to give you a cut that complements your face. Then take a picture. Keep this for future reference when you visit your regular barber.

Don't neglect the hair on the rest of your head. A clean shave starts with a clean face (that exfoliant discussed earlier helps here), followed by a light lathering of foam or gel (or oil, for electric shaving). As you may have learned, shaving with the grain of the hair growth is more efficient. It also reduces the chance of ingrown hair. Go against the grain only in those hard-to-reach spots around the neck and chin. Finish with a splash of cold water or aftershave lotion (go easy on the stuff).

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