5 Tips for Looking Your Best on a Date

Don't Fight Mother Nature
You've probably heard it before, but there's a good reason for it -- be yourself, and she'll take note.
You've probably heard it before, but there's a good reason for it -- be yourself, and she'll take note.
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Apply the advice given here, and any other words of wisdom, as it agrees with your inner and outer being. Take hairstyles, for instance. If you really like the way you look with a certain hairstyle, go for it -- but keep it clean and trim. You'll take care of and take pride in a look that you're happy with. And your date will notice. In contrast, spending time and money and struggling with a style you don't like will only stress you out. And dating can be stressful enough.

By the same token, following a trend is fine if it makes you look and feel on top of your game. Maybe those cardigans that look so good on David Beckham look great on you, too. Buy one or two (in colors that suit your skin tones, of course). But jumping onto every fad bandwagon will leave you with a closet full of outdated clothes and an empty wallet.

Likewise, follow advice as it fits your personality and values. If you've vowed that nothing that comes from a laboratory will touch your skin, then lather up with lavender-coconut milk soap. Don't let anyone tell you it's not manly.

That's the picture of confidence. And that's the best look of all.

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