5 Tips for Talking With a Girl on the Phone


Be Yourself

Girls appreciated it when you're genuine.
Girls appreciated it when you're genuine.

Yes, it's a cliché. It's also true. There are always moments when you feel like being somebody else might get you what you want, but in the long run, it'll only come back to bite you. Don't act like you're into something you're not, just because she is. Telling her that you totally love doing pottery, too, is only going to get awkward when she wants to talk about which glaze you like best. It's fine if you don't love everything she does. Go back to the third tip and ask her questions about it; find out why exactly she digs pottery.

Plus, you'll be a lot more interesting to her when you talk about something you really are into. It doesn't matter what you like to do, as long as you're passionate about it. That's the stuff that makes you who you are. That's the person she'll want to get to know.