5 Things to Know About Tanning Pills


Tanning Pill Effectiveness

Canthaxanthin may help reduce the photosensitivity side effects of a rare, inherited condition called erythropoietic protoporphyria, side effects that include itching, eczema and rashes. But as a self-tanner? At this time research is still needed to determine whether or not canthaxanthin is an effective tanning product [WebMD].

While canthaxanthin may or may not be an effective way to develop a fake bronze tan without the sun exposure, there's a problem with taking canthaxanthin supplements for tanning purposes: You need to consume high doses of the pigment before you see results, and you need to continue using the pills consistently for at least two weeks before enough pigment is deposited in your skin to show a noticeable change in color -- and consuming large amounts of canthaxanthin has side effects ranging from the cosmetic to fatal.