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When to Apply Antiperspirant So It Works Best

It's a common routine: Wake up, take a shower, put on some deodorant or antiperspirant and get dressed. But your antiperspirant can work better if you skip it in the morning.

What Is Micellar Water and Should You Try It?

This trendy facial product was well-kept secret among the French. But now it's taken the international market by storm. So what in the heck is it?

What Does Microneedling Do for Your Skin?

Touted as a way of stimulating new collagen production to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles or scars, microneedling is hot and trending. But is it safe?

A Nail Polish With a Boring Name Just Isn't the Same

You can't just judge a nail polish by its color. You have to consider its name, too.

Should You Pop Your Blisters?

It's so gross-looking you're really tempted to prick it and let out the ooze. But what would a doctor say?

Why Do We Love to Pop Zits?

If you're one of those people who can't resist putting your fingers to work when you spot a pimple on your face, there's a scientific reason for why it feels so good.

What Causes Ashy Skin?

Dry — or ashy — skin is the subject of many comedians' jokes, but it's no laughing matter. Find out why almost anyone can get it and how to treat it.

What's Up With the Millennial Pout?

Millennials are crazy about lip fillers, and it seems we have Kylie Jenner to thank.

Why Do Bruises Change Colors as They Heal?

It's super-weird that a bruise changes from deep purple to green to yellow during the healing process. What causes this?

The Colorful History of Nail Polish

Today it's second nature to paint your fingernails and toenails. But it's been a long road to get here.

Can You Get Lice in Your Beard?

It's rare but you could find some of those tiny bugs crawling around in your beard. So how did they get there and how you get rid of them?

Morning vs. Evening Showers: Discuss

Are you morning or an evening person? Showerwise, that is. Experts and ordinary Joes weigh in on which is better.

You're Probably Not Putting on Enough Sunscreen

SPF30 will protect more like SPF 15 if you don't apply as much sunscreen as the experts recommend. And a study showed that most people put on far too little. But what's the right amount anyway?

Many Hair Care Products for Black Women Contain Hormone Disrupters

A new study found that black women are exposed to hazardous chemicals in the hair care products they use — often unknowingly.

A Hairy History of Eyebrow Trends

From thin to thick and back again, we take a pictorial look at eyebrow fashion over the last 100 years.

Pediatricians Group Releases First-Ever Guidelines for Teens and Tattoos

The American Academy of Pediatrics weighs in for the first time on the safety of tattoos and piercings for teenagers.

Midnight Snacks Could Lead to … Sunburn?

Researchers from University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center have made a connection in mice between late-night eating and an increased risk of sunburn.

Chemists Are on the Hunt for a Long-lasting Sunscreen

Though sunscreen has protected our skin for decades, scientists still have questions about the intricacies of its photoprotective properties.

I Got Tattooed With a Protostar … For Science!

A tattoo artist created 18 pieces of art inspired by the James Webb Space Telescope. Our Fw:Thinking host Jonathan Strickland now sports one of them on his back.

Research May Show Why Acne Today Means Younger-looking Skin Tomorrow

Scientists have long known that people who get acne early in their lives are rewarded with younger-looking skin in later years. Now, they've found one reason why.

How Long Can Human Fingernails Grow?

You can grow your nails to some serious lengths, but would you want to?

How Itches Work

Although everyone itches, the reasoning behind it has puzzled scientists for decades. They're also trying to figure out why scratching an itch relieves it — and feels so good.

Disappearing Tattoos for the Commitment Phobes

A startup is developing a nonpermanent tattoo that can be applied with the same technique and equipment that traditional tattoo artists use. You could snag one in 2017.

Blackout Tattoos: Now That's Some Serious Ink

Blackout tattoos were once reserved for things like covering up the name of your short-lived (but very passionate) crush you had inscribed on your body. No longer.

Tattoos May Be Good for Your Health

A new study indicates having lots of tats might mean a healthy immune system.