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Explore the profound semicolon tattoo meaning and its significance. Discover the power of hope, resilience, and mental health awareness.

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Explore the intriguing Medusa tattoo meaning, symbolism, and history. Unveil the captivating myth behind Medusa ink.

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SPF30 will protect more like SPF 15 if you don't apply as much sunscreen as the experts recommend. And a study showed that most people put on far too little. But what's the right amount anyway?

By Dave Roos


From thin to thick and back again, we take a pictorial look at eyebrow fashion over the last 100 years.

By Alia Hoyt

Though sunscreen has protected our skin for decades, scientists still have questions about the intricacies of its photoprotective properties.

By Jesslyn Shields

A startup is developing a nonpermanent tattoo that can be applied with the same technique and equipment that traditional tattoo artists use. You could snag one in 2017.

By Kate Kershner

Blackout tattoos were once reserved for things like covering up the name of your short-lived (but very passionate) crush you had inscribed on your body. No longer.

By Jonathan Strickland


A new study indicates having lots of tats might mean a healthy immune system.

By Melanie Radzicki McManus

Getting ready to spend a day in the sun? Think twice before reaching for last year's sunscreen. Even if the bottle's still full, the lotion doesn't last forever. Don't get burned!

By Jennifer Sellers

For many of us, putting on lipstick is as routine as brushing our teeth in the morning. But are there dangers lurking in your lip color?

By Laurie L. Dove

Tattoos are often colorful with vivid inks. But a red, oozing staph infection? Talk about your worst nightmare. Can a life-changing experience suddenly turn into a life-threatening one?

By Debra Ronca


Tattoos used to be taboo. But today nearly one in three people has one. And some people are getting them for reasons other than to decorate their bodies.

By Debra Ronca & Sarah Gleim

Do tanning pills work? We explain how these capsules may or may not boost your skin care routine. Read on to learn the in's and out's of tanning pills.

By Maria Trimarchi

Find the best toner for your skin with as we explain the many uses of facial toner – and how it can become an essential part of your skin care routine

By Jennifer Sellers

Trying to get rid of excess body hair? Learn all about hair removal creams – and how to pick out the most effective one for you!

By Katie Lambert


Brazilian waxes are becoming more popular. But what do you need to know before you sign up for this type of bikini wax? Get the latest Brazilian was info.

By Kevin P. Allen

When you go through your morning makeup routine, the goal is simple – improve your appearance. But how is that seemingly harmless, perfectly applied layer of powder or moisturizer really affecting your skin?

By Brion O'Connor

In health and beauty circles, safflower oil is gaining popularity as an effective and affordable moisturizer.

By Jamie Palamon & Brion O'Connor

Birth control prevents pregnancy and can have all kind of effects on your body. But do you know what it can do for your skin?

By Katie Lambert


Body art, such as a tattoo, is a terrific way to express your individuality, but it's permanent, and there are some risks -- especially for your skin.

By John Barrymore & Brion O'Connor

Crow's feet are one of the inevitable byproducts of aging. But it is possible to keep them at bay for a while. Here's how to prevent of them.

By John Barrymore & Brion O'Connor

Air and water pollution are a fact of life, and each can have an impact on the health of your skin. However, there are steps you can take to limit the effects on your skin.

By Sarah Siddons & Brion O'Connor

I remember when I first learned about spray tanning. I was thrilled. No longer would I need to worry about the rays outside because I could get that glowing tan in a bottle.

By Sara Novak


The sun can do much more damage than simply give you a painful sunburn. Learn some ways to easily minimize sun exposure so you can spend time outdoors safely.

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If you've overexposed your skin to the sun and end up with a sunburn, these home remedies can make you a bit more comfortable. See 10 home remedies for sunburns to get started.

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