Top 5 Tweezer Tips

Personal Hygiene Image Gallery Tweezers have been keeping our eyebrows in line and our bodies free of unsightly hairs for centuries. See more pictures of personal hygiene practices.
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Open any medicine cabinet, and you'll find one, wedged between the antibiotic ointment and the adhesive bandages. Its simple form -- two levers fused at one end -- belies its profound usefulness. Its presence in archaeological sites dating from the 7th century B.C. indicates just how long humans have appreciated its practicality.

We're talking about tweezers, the tool of choice for removing unwanted hair on the face (or elsewhere) and reshaping eyebrows. Even as modern hair removal techniques, such as waxing and laser-assisted epilation, have grown in popularity, plucking remains a tried-and-true method for eliminating a few stray hairs. That makes a good pair of tweezers one of the most important additions to your cosmetic bag.

But what exactly makes a "good" pair of tweezers? Aren't they all the same? As it turns out, they're not. The $5 variety you can buy at the grocery store may be perfectly serviceable, but, as the old adage suggests, you get what you pay for. An array of tweezers -- varying greatly in quality and cost -- is available if you know where to look. And if you think using tweezers requires little more skill than grabbing and yanking, think again. Proper tweezing technique can help you look better and reduce pain and redness.

The five tips we've compiled on the following pages will help you buy and use tweezers more effectively. Let's start with the business end -- the tip.