Top 10 Sunscreens for Oily Skin


Don't Forget to Wear a Hat

Hats are an important part of a good sun protection regime, and unlike topical sunscreens, you won't have to remember to reapply anything every two hours.

When choosing a hat, look at its brim size, the shape and placement of the brim, and the material it's made from. Baseball caps or hats without a brim offer protection to the top of the head but can leave your neck, ears and parts of your face exposed. Choosing a hat with a wide, all-around brim increases your sun protection. These hats protect not only the top of your head, but also your chin, cheeks, nose and the back of your neck as well -- it's estimated that a tightly-woven hat with an all-around brim that's at least three-inches wide offers the equivalent of sun protection factor (SPF) 7 on your nose, SPF 5 on your neck, SPF 3 on your cheeks and SPF 2 on your chin [source: Baron].