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You're Probably Not Putting on Enough Sunscreen

SPF30 will protect more like SPF 15 if you don't apply as much sunscreen as the experts recommend. And a study showed that most people put on far too little. But what's the right amount anyway?

Chemists Are on the Hunt for a Long-lasting Sunscreen

Though sunscreen has protected our skin for decades, scientists still have questions about the intricacies of its photoprotective properties.

Is expired sunscreen OK to use?

Getting ready to spend a day in the sun? Think twice before reaching for last year's sunscreen. Even if the bottle's still full, the lotion doesn't last forever. Don't get burned!

5 Ways to Fake a Gorgeous Glow

Are you fairer than them all and you just want to look good on the beach?! Read on for these healthy tips!

Quick Tips: Best Sunscreens for Oily Skin

Even if you have oily skin, you still need to protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays. So what's the best sunscreen for oily skin? Find out!

Quick Tips: SPF Numbers

Learn all that you need to know about what SPF numbers mean on sunscreen bottles and protect yourself with the correct SPF number sunscreen for the future.

5 Things You Need to Know about Sun Rash

Learn all that you need to know about sun rash and how to protect yourself from it.

Cooling the Burn: Sunburn Home Remedies Image Gallery

The sun. People have worshiped it for thousands of years. But only in the last century have people worshiped the sun by baking themselves to a golden tan, which often masks an angry red burn. Scroll through these photos for some sunburn home remedies.

At a Glance: Do sunscreen pills really work?

We've all heard the warnings about excessive sunlight exposure. But many sunscreens wash off with sweat or a day in the pool. Is there a pill to take the place of all that lotion?

How Safe is Spray Tanning?

I remember when I first learned about spray tanning. I was thrilled. No longer would I need to worry about the rays outside because I could get that glowing tan in a bottle.

10 Ways to Protect Your Skin From Sun Damage

The sun can do much more damage than simply give you a painful sunburn. Learn some ways to easily minimize sun exposure so you can spend time outdoors safely.

10 Home Remedies for Sunburn

If you've overexposed your skin to the sun and end up with a sunburn, these home remedies can make you a bit more comfortable. See 10 home remedies for sunburns to get started.

Can you get addicted to tanning?

Tanning addicts may not shoplift or burglarize homes to subsidize their habit. But is their addiction to UV rays really that different from any other addiction?

Tanning: Fast Facts

Get fast facts on tanning, and find out why that healthy glow is more harmful than healthy.

How can a sunscreen be sweat-proof?

Most of us know that you should protect yourself from the sun when you go outside. But many outdoor activities, like swimming at the beach or playing sports, can wash off sunscreen. Is it really possible for a sunscreen to be sweat-proof?

Spray Tanning Basics

A bronzed skin is de rigueur in some circles, but with the risks from sun and tanning bed exposure, what's a health-conscious person to do? How does a spray tan deepen your color, and is it safe?

How to Apply Self-tanner

Once summer hits, everyone heads outside to enjoy the sun and perhaps get a tan. However, all that sunbathing can be dangerous, but alternatives abound, including self-tanners.

Top 5 Tanning Myths

Are tanning beds more or less safe than the sun? Is a base tan a good way to protect your skin? Before you risk your hide for a bronze glow, demystify what you know about tanning.

5 Spots Commonly Missed When Applying Sunscreen

Even the most knowledgeable and diligent sunscreen users can come home from a day in the great outdoors with burnt skin in certain places. What spots do we tend to miss when we're slathering ourselves with SPF?

How to Treat Sunburn

Don't be fooled by clouds. You can get sunburn on sunny days or cloudy days -- and if you're outside all day, one application won't be enough. But if you do end up with a burn, here's how to treat it.

How to Prevent Sunburn

Wearing sunscreen is a well-known way to block UV rays, but it isn't the final word on sun protection anymore. In what other ways can sun-lovers ward off skin damage?

How often should I apply sunscreen?

Over-the-counter sunscreens offer some of the best protection available against harmful UV rays. But how long can that protection actually last?

Skin Pigmentation

Skin color may be superficial, but the effects of pigment on our overall health can run deep. In what ways can understanding skin pigmentation help keep your body safe?

Sun Blisters

If you've had sun blisters from a severe sunburn, you know it isn't a pleasant experience. But if you're armed with sunscreen and some common sense, sun blisters are easy to prevent.

Sun Poisoning

Sun exposure is good for you in small doses, but too much can lead to dangerous conditions, such as sun poisoning. How is sun poisoning different from sunburn, and what should you do if you get it?