Top 10 Sunscreens for Oily Skin


Gel, spray or lotion?

When selecting your sunscreen, do you still reach for a lotion? The world of sunscreens has grown, and your stand-by staple may not be the best option for your oily skin.

Lotions and creams are often the best options for people with dry skin, because they are more likely to contain emollient ingredients. Sprays work well for people who are active, and they are quick and easy to apply. There are also stick formulas, which are easy to use around sensitive areas such the skin around your eyes, and wipes that may be more convenient for parents who need to apply sunscreen to small children. It's the gels that oily-skinned individuals should take a look at. Gels are good for oily skin types because they aren't oily and they aren't drying. They tend to sweat off more easily than other formulations, though, so remember to reapply often.

Currently UVA protection isn't included in SPF ratings -- that's a rating that only informs you about the product's UVB protection -- so no matter what form your sunscreen is in, be sure to look for brands that are labeled as broad-spectrum or multi-spectrum sunscreens to get the most complete coverage.