Daily Foot Skin Care Regimens

Foot Moisturizing

Massaging a cream or lotion onto your foot after cleansing serves two purposes: It keeps your feet soft and supple, and it rejuvenates them. Keeping your feet soft and supple may prevent other problems from developing, such as corns or cracked heels. Many products are made specifically for moisturizing your feet. Look for those that are emollient-enriched. To prevent athlete's foot, make sure no moisturizer remains between your toes.

In addition to moisturizing, rolling your feet over a rolling pin or an unopened can on the floor is an easy and effective way to massage your feet at home. You can also use your thumbs to apply pressure to the balls of your feet and to the arches. This will relieve the tension after a hard day of use. Finish with a 5-second squeeze to each Achilles tendon, repeated two or three times [source: Klobassa].

Have you ever heard of a sauna for your feet? For an inexpensive and effective foot sauna, wrap each foot lightly in cellophane before going to bed, after you moisturize your feet. In the morning you should awaken with soft feet for a fraction of the price that a professional foot sauna would cost [source: APMA].

According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, more than half of all women have had a problem with dry, rough, cracked or irritated skin on their feet. Find out what you can do to cure cracked skin on the next page.