Skin Care: Fast Facts

  1. Super-tight, dry skin isn't a sign your skin is clean; rather, that feeling usually means that you've stripped your skin of important oils or haven't rinsed properly. Learn more about cleansing your skin.
  1. Stress doesn't just cause acne -- it can actually affect your skin's texture. Undue stress can cause skin to become thin and reduce its ability to regenerate. Learn more about stress's effect on your skin.
  1. Regular exercise can increase toxin removal in your skin and help you look younger by boosting collagen production while diminishing wrinkles. Learn more about exercise and your skin.
  1. To keep your skin smooth without Botox, minimize your intake of sugar and dairy products. Instead pile up your plate with legumes, vegetables and olive oil. These foods have been shown to lead to fewer wrinkles as we age. Learn more about what foods to eat to improve your skin.
  1. Sleep doesn't just refresh your body and mind -- it also helps to replenish your skin. Learn more about how sleep repairs your skin.
  1. Drinking enough water is key to keeping your skin healthy. Not only can water make wrinkles less noticeable, but it also increases blood flow and reduces toxins. Learn more about water's fountain of youth.
  1. Sunscreen is so important to saving skin that experts recommend you slather it on for any outdoor time, from driving to work to running to the grocery store. Learn more about sunscreen application.
  1. Smoking takes a big toll on skin, robbing it of oxygen and nutrients by slowing the flow of blood. Puckering your mouth around a cigarette and squinting your eyes against smoke can also lead to extra wrinkles. Learn more about bad habits that affect your skin.
  1. Though exfoliation is beneficial to get rid of dead skin, exfoliating too frequently can exacerbate acne. Learn more about proper exfoliation.
  1. "Noncomedogenic" is a good term to look for in your skin care items, meaning that they shouldn't clog your pores. Learn more about noncomedogenic products.

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