Skin Care Tips

Hands and Nails

Your hands and nails say a lot about you. If you care for them properly, you'll feel healthier. Consider these suggestions:

  • When nails chip excessively, it may be caused by the use of nail polish remover. Leave your nails unpainted for a few days to see if the condition improves.
  • When you're preparing anything with lemon and vegetable juices, which contain acids that are hard on your fingernails, rinse your hands often under cool running water.
  • To break the habit of nail biting or cuticle chewing, carry a tube of cuticle cream with you. Whenever you start to nibble, put the cream on your cuticles instead. You'll promote healthy nails and possibly break yourself of a bad habit.
  • To rescue nail polish that has become hardened or gummy, place the bottle into a pan of boiling water for a few seconds to get the polish flowing smoothly again.
  • To soften cuticles, soak hands in a solution of 1 cup warm water and 1 teaspoon of dish-washing liquid.
  • For an emergency treatment for dry, chapped hands, soak your hands in a bath of baby oil mixed with sesame oil.
  • Apply hand cream before putting on rubber gloves to prevent your hands from drying.

While hands and nails are important, the face is of greatest concern for many people. In the following section, we'll provide several helpful makeup hints.