5 Famous Pairs of Lips


Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger's famously "rubbery" lips helped contribute to his bad-boy image.
Mick Jagger's famously "rubbery" lips helped contribute to his bad-boy image.
Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Men lining up for lip augmentation so they'll look like Mick Jagger? Hardly.

But if anybody's lips will have lasting fame, it's Sir Mick of the Rolling Stones. The pouty mouth with the big, expressive lips -- often described as "rubbery" -- was integral to his bad-boy, rebellious, hard-rocker image. The Stones were in the second wave of the British rock invasion, and shaggy haired, rubbery lipped, scrawny, rough Mick Jagger looked daring and dangerous when compared to the early Beatles with their cute haircuts, matching suits and choirboy features.

As if anyone would ever forget them, Mick Jagger's lips are now enshrined in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. At an auction in September 2008, the museum paid $92,500 for the Rolling Stones' lips and tongue logo original artwork. The museum said that the design, created by John Pasche in 1970, "perfectly encapsulated Mick Jagger's sensuous lips and the band's rebelliousness." And David Barrie, the director of The Art Fund, Britain's No. 1 art charity, called it "one of the most visually dynamic and innovative logos ever created" [source: V&A]. Since the charity helped pay for the logo, you can bet Barrie wasn't just paying lip service to Sir Mick's rubbery lips.

Not all famous male lips are gigantic. Read on for another pair with staying power.