5 Tips for Maintaining Healthy Lips


Exercise Your Lips

Keep those lips moving!
Keep those lips moving!
Hans Neleman/Digital Vision/Getty Images

How far would you go for a perfect, heart-shaped mouth? For many people, the invasive idea of implants or injections is too much. Think about it -- how healthy is it to have fat or silicone pumped into your lips?

If you're determined to perk up your face, dedicate a few minutes a day to lip therapy and other facial exercises. The right routine can increase blood circulation, which will give you a healthy glow, and it can improve the tone, texture and shape of your facial skin.

Though lip therapy is often used to improve mouth and throat functions like swallowing, the correct exercises can also improve the appearance of your lips. Some exercises can make lips fuller; others may make lips smaller. Why mess with dangerous and expensive surgery?

To recap: plastic surgeon, not necessary. A doctor, maybe -- but not for this. Read on to figure out when you should enlist professional help for your precious pout.