5 Tips for Maintaining Healthy Lips

Know When to See a Doctor

 If minor lip woes get worse or don't go away on their own, it's probably time to get medical help.

Some lip problems, such as those caused by infection or poor nutrition, require a doctor's intervention. If you're also suffering from problems like fatigue or frequent headaches, your cracked lips might be just one indicator of a bigger problem, like a vitamin or mineral deficiency.

It takes supreme willpower to overcome the urge to soothe a cracked or dry lip, but it's necessary. Constant licking, biting or picking can cause or complicate cheilitis, an inflamed, crusty patch that can form at the corners of your mouth. If you manage to avoid aggravating cheilitis but it doesn't go away, a doctor can help determine if it's a bacterial, fungal or viral infection and prescribe a topical ointment.

The good news is that we've got more information on the next page to help get your lips in top shape.

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