Cuticle Care 101

Using Cuticle Scissors

So, your cuticles are looking long and ragged. You're tempted to whip out those spiffy cuticle scissors that came in the home manicure set your aunt gave you and give them a nice trim. Not so fast.

Even if your manicure kit comes with instructions about how to trim your cuticles, don't take that advice. Leading health experts, including The American Academy of Dermatology, the American Cancer Society, the New York Times Health Guide and the Mayo Clinic, send a single message loud and clear: Do not cut your cuticles.

Cutting and trimming the cuticle can too easily break the protective barrier that your skin gives you and provide an entrance for germs, especially bacteria and fungi. Once bacteria and fungi enter the cuticle, it's likely that you'll soon have a cuticle infection [source: New York Times].

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