Cuticle Care

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Quick Tips: Cutting Cuticles

These quick tips explain how to cut your cuticles to keep them looking good. Never know if you should cut your cuticles or not? Read on to find out!

Is it bad to cut your cuticles?

Your cuticles are one of those parts of your body that don't appear to do much, but they help prevent bacteria from invading near your fingernails. So why do some feel they need to be trimmed? Is it OK to cut your cuticles?

How to Moisturize Your Cuticles

A pair of perfectly manicured hands can add the right finishing touch to your outfit. Then again, ragged, dry and cracked cuticles can ruin the entire look. Luckily, keeping cuticles moist and healthy is much easier than you'd think.

How to Treat Damaged Cuticles

It's easy to take your nails for granted, but don't make the same mistake with your cuticles. Mistreating those little strips of skin on your nails can lead to more trouble than they're worth.

Cuticle Cream Basics

When the nail technician rubs cuticle cream on your nails during a manicure, she's not just giving you a free massage -- she's improving your nail health. How do these creams help fight infection?

Cuticle Care 101

For such small pieces of skin, cuticles can have a big impact on your nail health. How do they help to fight against infection?

How is cuticle cream different from hand cream?

Like the skin anywhere else on your body, cuticles can get dry. How are cuticle creams specifically formulated to heal these areas?

Why are my cuticles and nails separating?

Mind your mother when she tells you to stop biting your nails! If you find that your cuticles and nails are separating, it may be due to a nasty -- but easily treatable -- infection.