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A Nail Polish With a Boring Name Just Isn't the Same

You can't just judge a nail polish by its color. You have to consider its name, too.

The Colorful History of Nail Polish

Today it's second nature to paint your fingernails and toenails. But it's been a long road to get here.

How Long Can Human Fingernails Grow?

You can grow your nails to some serious lengths, but would you want to?

What would happen if I never cut my fingernails?

Trimming, buffing, polishing, adding some bling – many people spend hours perfecting their manicures. But did you ever stop and think what could happen if you simply let them go? You might end up in the book of Guinness World Records.

Quick Tips: Acrylic Nails and Your Health

Do you want long, beautiful nails but wonder what impact acrylic has on the health of your nails? Read on to learn if acrylic nails are bad for you.

Quick Tips: Cutting Cuticles

These quick tips explain how to cut your cuticles to keep them looking good. Never know if you should cut your cuticles or not? Read on to find out!

Are acrylic nails unhealthy?

Acrylic nails are a great accessory for our style-oriented readers, but there are a few caveats to be aware of if you choose to get them.

The Story Behind 14-Karat Nails

Rihanna wore them to the 2012 Grammy Awards, but could you imagine rocking 14-karat gold nails on your own hands?

Lasting Color? No-Chip Polish Examined

You love nail polish, but you hate dealing with the constant chipping. What if you could guarantee that your polish stays put for a couple of weeks at a time?

What You'll Need to Avoid Brittle Nails

Chew on this! Brittle nails are frustrating and unattractive...but totally fixable. Check out the ways you can get your nails in tip top shape.

Totally Magnetic: 3D Nail Art Tricks

From stripes and chevrons to polka dots and animal prints, there are all kinds of fun ways that you can paint your nails to add a little pop to your style. Take your nail art to the next level, by adding some 3D nail art elements!

Real Men Get Manicures, too!

The nail salon used to be a women-only realm, but more and more men are getting their nails done by the pros.

Accessories: Nail Stickers vs. Polish Strips

Remember when painting all 10 fingers and toes in black nail polish was the hot thing? Trends in nail fashions have come a long way, baby, and it's easier than ever to decorate your digits.

5 Things You Should Not Do Before Going to a Nail Salon

A trip to the nail salon or the day spa is a great way to pamper your digits, but don't undo all the good before you even get there.

3 Reasons Your Nails Are Naturally Dark

You're probably familiar with the type of nail discoloration that occurs when using dark nail polish. But if your nails are naturally dark, there may be something more serious going on.

How to Avoid Bubbles in Your Nail Polish Finish

Unlike smudges and other minor imperfections, there aren't many fast and easy fixes for a buried bubble trapped in your nail polish finish, so it's best to avoid them all together.

Nail Biting: Break the Habit Image Gallery

If you're a nail biter (or hair twirler or finger tapper), there's a good chance your habit started during childhood. Scroll through these nail biting photos to learn how to kick the habit.

5 Steps for the Perfect At-home Pedicure

So it's not a raised massage chair and 200 colors to choose from, but an at-home pedicure can still be pretty great if you commit. First step? Don't skip out on the spa-type treatments you'll get at the salon.

5 Different Nail Shapes for Your Next Manicure

An hour at the nail salon is a cheap and easy way to pamper yourself. It's also a good time to experiment with the look of your nails and have some fun.

5 Tips for Nail Biters

People handle stress in different ways, but a lot of people resort to biting their nails. If it's not a habit you outgrew on your own, there are some tips to help you break free from it.

What are the white marks on my nails?

Have you ever noticed that your nails tend to get white marks on them that come and go? There's a pretty simple explanation that's really nothing to worry about.

Brittle Nail Treatment Pictures

There are several brittle nail treatment options available to improve your nail health. See these brittle nail treatment pictures to learn more.

At a Glance: Hangnail Tips

Hangnails aren't just irritating -- they can be downright painful. What exactly is a hangnail, and what's the best way to treat them?

At a Glance: White Dots on Your Nails

Have you ever seen a white spot on your fingernail, and wondered if it was an indicator of a health concern or vitamin deficiency? Or maybe you've heard an old wives' tale. Get the real scoop on this common occurrence.

5 Nail Tools You Should Know

Most of us know the DIY mani/pedi standbys: clippers, file and polish and maybe extras like ridge filler. But if you're ready to take your at-home manicure up a notch, which tools will make it easier?