Blu-U Treatments

Blu-U Treatment Cost

Blu-U treatments aren't cheap by any means. Probably the biggest expense is not the individual cost per session, but the number of sessions you'll need to combat your acne. Unfortunately, Blu-U is not a quick fix. Over four weeks, you'll probably have six to eight sessions that last approximately 15 minutes each. Each session involves application of the topical solution, followed by close exposure to the light. If you're claustrophobic, be aware that the device with the light beams is placed about two to four inches from your face [source: DUSA Pharmaceuticals, Inc.].

The cost of Blu-U treatment can range from about $40 per session to double, triple or quadruple that amount [source: Kansas City Skin Care Center]. This can add up to be in the thousand-dollar range for eight sessions. Of course, the cost per session all depends on your dermatologist or treatment center and the number of sessions you need. Be sure to check with your insurance company to see if it will cover at least part of the cost of your treatments. Plan to fund most or all of it on your own, though, since Blu-U is a relatively new procedure.

Blu-U is fairly expensive, but does it pay off? Read on to learn about the effectiveness and possible side effects of blue-light therapy.