Treating Skin Problems

Treating skin problems can be tricky without a proper diagnosis. Learn more about treating skin problems at HowStuffWorks.

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It's so gross-looking you're really tempted to prick it and let out the ooze. But what would a doctor say?

By Alia Hoyt

If you're one of those people who can't resist putting your fingers to work when you spot a pimple on your face, there's a scientific reason for why it feels so good.

By Alia Hoyt

Under-eye puffiness doesn't do your face any favors. Get the do's and don'ts (we're looking at you, hemorrhoid cream) for reducing under-eye puffiness

By Kevin P. Allen


Have you ever wondered what shea butter can do for your scars? Read on to learn about how shea butter can reduce scarring.

By Discovery Fit and Health Writers

How you treat a burn depends on the type of burn. Learn the difference between first-degree and fourth-degree burns –and the proper treatment for both.

By Maria Trimarchi

What are flat warts? Learn five easy ways to treat these harmless spots and rid yourself of flat warts for good.

By Jennifer Sellers

Want to know what the best way to moisturize your eczema is? Read on to get the best pointers on how to moisturize your chronic eczema.

By Jennifer Sellers


Do you suffer from psoriasis? Are you looking for a treatment? Read on to learn some easy tips about treating psoriasis.

By Katie Lambert

You've been working in the yard, ripping out all those unwanted weeds. Now you're scratching a small red patch and wondering where it came from. Could it be a skin rash?

By Joseph Miller

It's a fact of life: As we age, the body's skin loses its elasticity. But, there are ways to slow the process.

By Kevin P. Allen

Gettingathlete's foot is the closest most of us will ever come to being an athlete, but aside from its familiar moniker, this fungal infection really has nothing to do with sports. When the symptoms arise, these remedies could offer relief.

By Kevin P. Allen


Tea Tree Oil is an effective treatment for our most common skin conditions. Learn more about treating your skin problems naturally with Tea Tree Oil.

By Sheila Shaigany

Although sandpaper could remove a tattoo, it's not worth trying it. Learn about whether sandpaper can remove tattoos.

By Contributors

People have known about the soothing properties of lavender for centuries, and its oil can be found in many skincare products. But if you have a minor skin problem, how much help will lavender be to you?

By Jonathan Strickland

It cools. It stimulates. It reduces coughing. It disinfects. But can camphor, an oil obtained from trees or synthesized from turpentine, treat skin problems?

By Lawrence Schumacher


Do herbal remedies really work? The jury's still out on most, but a few have proven effective. Aloe vera is a proven example of a botanical treatment that works on most -- but not all -- skin problems.

By Josh Clark

Get fast facts on acne remedies, including what options a dermatologist can offer and what you can do at home for acne relief.

By John Barrymore

Get fast facts on acne treatments, and consider using these tips in your daily skincare routine to reduce acne breakouts.

By Sarah Siddons

Get fast facts on oily skin treatments, and learn what you can do to combat excess oil in your skin.

By Sarah Siddons


Acne strikes us all once in a while -- even babies. Our instinctual response to pick at it and cancel our social engagements doesn't help in the least, but fortunately, there are some treatments available that can.

By Tom Scheve

It might mean parading around your house with your shirt off, flapping your arms like a farm hen. But that's a small price to pay for preventing sweat stains.

By Charles W. Bryant

Tretinoin is a drug derived from vitamin A that has beneficial effects and some serious side effects, too. What skin conditions can it treat and who should avoid taking tretinoin altogether?

By Ed Grabianowski

When you're desperate to get rid of a pimple, you're willing to try just about anything to make it go away. You might be surprised by some methods of blemish elimination -- especially since some of them haven't been proven to work at all.

By Tom Scheve


Mineral body wraps are a spa treatment that can supposedly take inches off your waistline in an hour's time. Does such a treatment get rid of fat, or just make you look as though you did?

By Mary Salisbury

Moles typically appear in the first 20 years of a person's life, and it's normal to have about 40 moles on your body. But how do you know if you need to have a mole removed?

By Alexander Page