Blu-U Treatments

Blu-U Effectiveness

Laser and light therapies seem like great steps forward in the field of acne treatment -- when they actually work, that is. Each Blu-U treatment is pretty simple: The topical solution that the dermatologist puts on your face before applying the blue-light therapy is Levulan Kerastick. The doctor then uses a Blu-U device to emit specific wavelengths of light that cause a reaction with the photosensitive topical treatment and kill the bacteria in the acne lesions.

The results that people get using Blu-U vary. In one set of recent studies, 80 percent of patients responded positively to the treatment, but the 20 percent who did not respond positively didn't see any results. Some even said that their acne was worse as a result of the treatment [source: AcneNet].

Even for those who see positive results, the degree to which acne clears varies from person to person. In the same set of studies, the average was about a 55 percent clearance, although some patients experienced almost total clearance, and others saw minimal results [source: AcneNet]. If you've had severe acne problems, getting rid of more than half of it may be worth the cost of Blu-U, but if you're looking for complete clearance, keep in mind that this procedure may not be the answer. Blu-U helps to control acne, but in most cases does not eliminate it completely.

You may be ready try Blu-U for its acne-clearing effects, but keep in mind that a few side effects may also come as part of the package. Read on to find out how to watch out for those unwelcome occurrences.