10 Home Remedies for Oily Skin


Avoid Oils

Keep your hair away from your face.
Keep your hair away from your face.
Pando Hall/Getty Images

Pull your hair back. It's best to keep hair away from the face if you are having issues with your skin. Often oily hair and oily skin go together.

Don't touch. Keep your hands off your face during the day. Hands deliver excess oil and dirt.

Use water-based cosmetics. Better yet, learn to live without makeup -- or at least without foundation -- since it will simply add to and trap the oil against your skin and set the stage for blemishes. If you feel you must use makeup, choose water-based products over oil-based types, and opt for spot concealers rather than coating your entire face. In general, stick with powder or gel blushers, and avoid cream foundations.

Still, sometimes a person needs a little extra help. Go to the next page to learn natural home remedies that you can find in your very own kitchen.