Zeno Acne Treatment Device

What is the Zeno Acne Device?

The Zeno acne device is a rechargeable, handheld tool used to clear up pimples. It costs between $39 and $200 per unit, and it uses replaceable treatment tips [source: Reuters].

The idea behind the device is simple: Bacteria can't live in areas that are exposed to certain sustained temperatures, and bacteria -- more specifically, P. acnes -- are responsible for 90 percent of acne [source: AAD]. The Zeno Acne Device is designed to shock bacteria with heat -- it reaches a temperature of 118.5 degrees Fahrenheit (48 degrees Celsius) and delivers a focused heat treatment to pimples forming beneath the skin. The Zeno's tip will feel warm to the skin, but the temperature is below the threshold that can cause burning [source: Bleimes]. Robert Conrad, the inventor of the Zeno, says the level of heat doesn't burn the bacteria, but it elicits a "heat shock response" in which bacteria retreat when presented with a threatening environment [source: Bleimes].

While the Zeno may sound like an effective way to treat pimples, it doesn't cure acne, and it works only under certain conditions. Read on to see if the Zeno is right for you.