Zeno Acne Treatment Device

Using the Zeno Acne Device

The Zeno acne device comes with a detailed instruction manual, and its use is fairly straightforward.

Some of the Zeno models need to be precharged prior to use -- others use rechargeable batteries [source: Abney]. Zeno recommends charging your model for 24 hours before using it for the first time. Once it's charged and you have a pimple beginning to form, fire up the device -- three tones will indicate that the Zeno is on. Most of the Zeno devices will take about a minute to reach the necessary temperature, but the new Zeno Hot Spot, which fits in the palm of your hand, reaches approximately 118 degrees within seconds. When the device is ready, a green light will flash and you'll hear two beeps [source: Zeno, Bruce, et al.]. Next, push the treatment button and lightly press the Zeno tip against the spot where the pimple is forming. Hold it there for 2 and a half minutes - the device will do the counting for you -- and remove it when prompted by another series of tones [source: Zeno]. Repeat this process one or two more times to ensure the pimple clears up during the next 24 hours. The Zeno device allows you to treat a total of three pimples in one sitting before it needs to power down for a two-minute rest [source: Zeno].

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