Top 5 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Scalp


Avoid Sun-baked Hair

One of the more iconic images of the 1970s is a young, bikini-clad girl sprawled on a plastic mesh lawn chair soaking up the hot summer sun. You can almost smell her tanning oil and hear the crackling of her transistor radio. For many people, there's nothing more relaxing than lolling about in the sunshine. However, like many things, the sun is best enjoyed in moderation. Its invisible UV-B rays are necessary for enabling skin cells to produce vitamin D, but overexposure can cause sunburn, or worse.

Hair that is subjected to too much sun can become brittle and dry. And people with balding or thinning hair are especially susceptible to cumulative and irreversible scalp damage from sun exposure [source: Cheyenne Skin Clinic]. To avoid sun damage, wear a hat. You might also try hair care products with sunscreen in them (look for Octyl Salicylate/PABA on the label), but take care to coat your hair evenly in order to receive even protection.