Top 5 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Scalp


Treat Your Tresses

The Internet is loaded with home remedies for hair and scalp care. You'll find recipes for everything from banana and almond-oil scalp conditioning pastes to avocado and raw egg follicle-boosting emulsions. While these homeopathic concoctions probably won't hurt your hair, chances are, they won't help it much either.

If, thanks to poor diet, medication, hormonal changes or damage from chemical hair processes, you're experiencing thinning hair, dandruff or other annoying but nonmedical scalp conditions, you might want to consider a professional scalp treatment. For example, Nioxin therapy revitalizes hair follicles and promotes growth, Moroccan oil treatment strengthens hair and restores shine, and there are also treatments for dry scalp [source: Rooks]. Similar therapies can be found at most professional salons, and professional hair care products like Drench and Moroccan oil can also be purchased online and used at home.