Top 5 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Scalp

Balance Your Diet

Although a starvation diet might help you slither into that size four dress, it could also rob your hair follicles of important nutrients and make your hair appear dull and lifeless. Similarly, if you stuff yourself with chips, soda and other processed fare, your scalp isn't going to be as healthy as it could be.

Healthy hair is a sign of overall good health. If your hair is dull, lifeless, brittle or lank, some common-sense dietary changes could liven your locks and improve your overall health. Healthy hair comes from healthy hair follicles, and hair follicles thrive on a balanced diet of protein, complex carbohydrates, fatty acids and essential vitamins. Salmon, rich in omega 3 fatty acids and full of lean protein, provides great nutrients for your scalp. To strengthen the cuticle (your hair's outer layer), feed your hair a cocktail of vitamins A, B12 and biotin found in spinach, eggs and bananas. Hair loss has been associated with deficiencies in certain minerals, so splurge on Brazil nuts for selenium and oysters for zinc. Iron has also been shown to support hair replenishment.To achieve a more balanced diet and improve the health of your scalp, put down those chips and that meal replacement bar and shop on the outer aisles of the grocery store, where you'll find fruits, fresh veggies, lean meat and dairy products.

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