5 Things in Your Sweat That Make You Stink

Your Skin
Our skin may generate as many as 100 different volatile organic compounds. clownbusiness/iStock/Thinkstock

Although not a component of sweat, what's on your skin is also responsible for why you smell. In fact, there are 100 different volatile organic compounds on human skin, the largest organ on your body. One is benzothiazole, a smelly sulfur compound often used as a food additive. Scent scientists suspect that the concentration of these compounds varies with age. [sources: Ara et al., Monell Center].

Beyond the science of stink, eventually all those VOCs emanating from skin may signal health problems, if we develop the technology to detect them.

Author's Note: 5 Things in Your Sweat That Make You Stink

Researchers in Madrid are working on ways to use a person's body odor as a biometric tool for personal identification. They say every person has a recognizable pattern of body odor. For the record, I didn't have to be a Spanish scientist or have some fancy biometric mechanism to know when my friend Pat walked into the room.

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