10 Questions for an Elder Law Attorney

Before you ever pick up the phone and call an elder law attorney, it's wise to do some research of your own and know what questions you want to ask. See more healthy aging pictures.

Many concerns and questions can arise as we grow older and approach the sunset years of life. Where will I live if I become too frail to take care of myself? Who will take care of me and help me make good decisions? How will I be able to pay for long-term care? How will I distribute my assets?

In the last decade or so, a new category of law has emerged that specializes in helping people answer these questions and learn their rights. Elder law focuses on providing legal services to senior citizens and younger people with special needs, such as early onset Alzheimer's or Crohn's disease, who want to manage their circumstances now and into the future [source: Goldberg]. The client may also be a person helping a family member or friend in need.

So whether you're hoping to understand your personal rights in more detail, or just about to delve into the emotional and legal intricacies of end-of-life planning, it's a good idea to seek sage council as early as possible. Keep reading to learn the most important questions to ask an elder law attorney.