10 Questions for an Elder Law Attorney


Are You a Certified Elder Law Attorney?

Today, lawyers can demonstrate their specialty in elder law by becoming certified through the National Elder Law Foundation (NELF). The certification was created to educate lawyers on all parts of the law relating to the aging population, and then help them demonstrate this dedication to their clients. Once certified, the attorney must continue focusing on elder law and special needs and complete continuing education credits. On the flip side, the certification also helps people find a lawyer skilled in this particular field.

According to NELF, some of the requirements for certification include:

  • Being licensed as a lawyer in one or more states
  • Practicing law for five years or more
  • Maintaining a level of excellence of all the bars
  • Demonstrating involvement in practicing elder law
  • Finishing at least 45 hours of continuing education in elder law in the last three years
  • References from five attorneys
  • Passing a certification examination