Top 5 Amenities in Assisted Living Facilities

Today's assisted living facilities are full of amenities that help senior citizens live full, healthy lives. See more healthy aging pictures.

Mention assisted living to a loved one entering his or her senior years, and you may receive a quick and forceful rejection of the idea. Change is scary, and when that change means moving out of one's own home, it's scarier still.

Yet many seniors transition to assisted living successfully. An alternative to nursing homes and home visitation, assisted living is an option for seniors who need a little -- or a lot -- of help in their daily lives. This living arrangement is the fastest growing long-term care option, and as of 2009, there were more than 36,000 assisted living communities serving more than a million seniors [source: Assisted Living Federation of America].

Assisted living facilities can help seniors live full lives while relieving both them and their loved ones of worries that the seniors' needs are being met. These facilities vary widely when it comes to the services they provide their residents, and often, the amenities are what make the new living situation more of a delight than a fright.

Let's look at five types of amenities that can make a big and positive difference in a senior's assisted living experience.