5 New Opportunities After the Kids Are Grown

The kids are out of the house, so now what? With more free time on your hands -- and extra money, too -- the opportunities are endless. See more healthy aging pictures.

After spending 17 -- or, in some cases, 40 -- years living with your children, it can present quite an adjustment for you when they become independent adults (the kind that don't live in your home.)

Gone are the days of grocery shopping for an extra mouth, racing between recitals and school sporting events, and shuttling kids to and from the pool, the mall or their friends' homes.

And while the house may seem bizarrely quiet and your life suddenly much less hectic (and maybe even less interesting), you'll also notice your calendar has a little more empty space on it.

However, just because your kids are grown doesn't mean extra time and money is here to stay. If you don't make bold moves, life will find a way of occupying your time and using your money. Luckily, there are many good opportunities that you can seize -- and fast -- that will bring change and positive results into your life.

Keep reading to learn about some exciting opportunities after the kids are grown. Do it quickly, before they decide they want to come back.