5 New Opportunities After the Kids Are Grown


Start a Business

Perhaps in years past, you've thought about running your own business but couldn't because of your obligations as a parent. Maybe with a kid (or kids) under your roof, you couldn't take the financial risk by giving up a stable job to work for yourself.

Now that your children are grown, you may have a little extra time and money on your hands. This provides a good opportunity to pursue some of your deferred entrepreneurial dreams.

Your local government or community college may have resources available (or be able to point you toward those resources) that are designed to help would-be entrepreneurs. Go online to find the appropriate department and start a discussion about their services with an e-mail or phone call.

Resources may include classes designed specifically for entrepreneurs. Local colleges or nonprofits may also provide workshops for developing a business plan. You can improve your public-speaking abilities by attending local Toastmasters meetings, giving you more confidence to present your business plan to a lender or to market yourself or your future business.

One advantage of getting a later start in entrepreneurship is having a lifetime's worth of contacts to reach out to for free advice. Not only that, but you may realize you have a potential business partner in an associate who is also adjusting to a new life with grown kids.

On their path to adulthood, your kids did their best to wreck your finances. Next, we'll talk about how you can change that.